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2019 - 2020 patch logs I

Patchnotes 6/22/19

  • Amplification scrolls can now be stacked 5x from 3x
  • Euphresia re-opened
  • Euphresia boss nerfed

Patchnotes 7/1/19

  • Price drop Red Scroll 15 days ( 450ep to 100ep )
  • Added "Scroll of Pet Blessing" (45ep), "Chance of Pet Tamer" (135ep) on EP Shop
  • Added Hipster's Glasses (black, red, white) on Pink Chip exchanger
  • New Hunt Event "Wonder Coupon Hunt"
  • /say command timer added to prevent continous spam
    Server will restart tomorrow 5AM GMT+8 7/7/19 for the weekly server restart and lord voting.

Patchnotes 7/7/19

  • Invalid range system fix
  • Increase drop rate of Wonder Coupons (coupons are not tagged as event items, therefore, hunting 1v1 or mobbing results to similar drop chances)
    Server will restart on Monday 3:30 AM GMT+8 7/15/19 for the weekly server restart.

Patchnotes 7/15/19

  • Movespeed cap increased
  • Precious Bead of Focused Power added
  • Wonder Coupon drop chance increased again
  • Knight's Swordcross passive skill enabled

Patchnotes 7/20/19

  • Lvl 5 - Lvl 75 Green Armor Sets Drop chance doubled
  • Halved the spawn timers of Darkon 3 giants except Bearneky and Shuhamma:
    Giant Nautrepy lvl 73
    Giant Syliaca lvl 73
    Giant Greemong lvl 75
    Giant Carrierbomb lvl 77
    Giant Boo lvl 77
    Giant Mushpoie lvl 83
    Giant Iren lvl 86
    Giant Watangka lvl 89
    Giant Antiquery lvl 92
    Giant Grr lvl 92
    Giant Dump lvl 95
    Giant Luia lvl 95
    Giant Gongury lvl 98
    Giant Kern lvl 104
    Great Chef Muffrin lvl 104
    Queen Popcrank lvl 105
    Giant Glaphan lvl 107

  • Added Scroll of Pet Reversion on EP Shop

  • Swordcross fix

Patchnotes 8/4/19

  • Scroll of XProtect can now be purchased using Penya
  • Move speed cap set to 200
  • Shiny gold nugget can now be dropped
  • Crystal Lusaka 2H-sword Swordcross fix
  • Knight's passive skill "Swordcross": 30% chance of dealing double damage using skills or normal attack

Patchnotes 9/1/19

  • Euphresia boss damage nerfed
  • Siege lives set from 10 to 12
  • Removed 1v1 Siege
  • Add Hoard'em Event
  • Temporarily disabled guild duel
    Server will restart today 11:59AM GMT/UTC+8. Downtime 2-5 minutes.

Patchnotes 9/15/19

  • Vampire Drakul damage nerfed
  • Vampire Staff now share same stats with vampire wand
  • All rules involving PK (Player Kill) entirely removed, except "AOE'ing lure of other party", "AOE then logout or port out" to scatter mobs.
  • Channel 1 (5x EXP) now full-PK without PK rules
  • Channel 2 (3.5x EXP no weather EXP) now non-PK
  • Hoard'em Event removed on Channel 2
  • Weather EXP removed on Channel 2

Patchnotes 9/30/19

  • Siege lives set to 12 from 10
  • 1v1 Siege schedule set 2 hours earlier
  • Removed Odd Login event

Patch Notes 11/23/19

  • Pet, Buff pet does not unsummon anymore on Blinkpool, teleport.
  • Halved Kheldor's evasion and reduced attack damage by small amount.
  • Drastically reduced Catacomb's non-boss monster evasion and damage .
  • Remove Halloween objects. Added Christmas objects.

Patch Notes 12/8/19

  • Removed Boo, added Nutty Wheel, Hoppre, Kern for Hoard'Em event
  • New high level siege requirement: 121H hero and above only.

Patch Notes 12/19/19

  • Year end events applied
  • Fixed missing head bug on fashion transmutation
  • Fixed reflection bug(ex. ivillness)
  • Raised pet does not unsummon anymore on blinkpool, teleport
  • "W" and "S" keys now working while flying

Patch Notes 1/4/20

  • Christmas theme removed
  • EXP rates normalized

Patchnotes 2/2/20

  • Lord EXP Buff penya fee halved
    Last Sunday at 11:46 AM

Patchnotes 2/29/20

  • Scroll of Sprint on EP shop
  • Siege Crown cloak stackable 99
  • Change Hoard'Em masquerpets
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