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[EVENT] Vagrant Master 2

edited April 2018 in Events

Date and Time: May 5 GMT+8 8PM after Guild Siege

Details and Mechanics:
-GM will enter Saintmorning town to get a list of players who want to join the event.
-Only Vagrant characters can join the event, so prepare Vagrants with good gear and consumables.
-GM will teleport all participants to the Exclusive Event Location.
-Event consists of infinite number of rounds. Each round, weak aggressive monsters will spawn. Succeeding rounds will spawn stronger monsters.
-Monster will more likely to spawn on places with more players or spots where monsters cannot reach like on top of a statue.
-You can join multiple characters as long as you can control them.
-All Vagrants can either hide, run, or kill the monsters to survive. Using of hp or any consumable is allowed. Any vagrant who summons any kind of Pet will be ported out.
-Last Vagrant who survives will win a max pierced +10 Leaf or Parmil Set depending on gender and a max pierced +10 Wooden Sword with +20 element of choice!

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