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Zombie Extremities, Mocomochi, Trick or Treat

Greetings FlyFFers, eat as much pumpkin pie and lollipop as you want ,

Let's continue hunting for Halloween! Zombies now roam on both channels. These male and female zombies drop Zombie parts + + + +. Collect the 6 different parts and exchange them to "Dr. Frankenstein" for a Zombie Pet . Fear would not loom all the way because aside from these zombies, cute Mocomochis will also spawn. The Mocomochi drops Couple Rings , Fireworks and Clown God Hats! In addition, all Masquerpets level 15 and above will drop "Trick or Treat Box"! The box may contain the items below:

  • Lollipop 2x
  • Biscuit 2x
  • Star Candy 2x
  • Mysterious Pill 5x
  • Gold Pill 5x
  • Pumpkin Pie 2x
  • Heartless Bang Trans 1x
  • Giant Mr. Pumpkin Trans 1x
  • Re-Skill (Event) 1x
  • Re-Stat (Event) 1x

Event duration: October 18 - November 30, 2020

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