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General Newbie Guide PART 1 LV1~LV15

This is a General Guide for Newbies (Old players might find this guide useful as well) ;)

I will cut the introduction and start immediately to make this very short.

After creating a character, you will be spawned in Flaris.
Follow the Tutorial to learn the basic controls of the game.

Here is a great tip and if you're lucky this will give you a great start.
Go a little bit south (look at the navigator at the upper right corner to check your direction) and go to Weapon and shield NPC. If you're lucky to spot a player awakening vagrant parts, you are lucky! haha
Those players,including me, just drop good awake items and you as a Vagrant will bring your status as a vagrant to the next level. Pick those trashes of other players and use it. DON'T ASK FOR IN GAME CURRENCY! Please don't.

I know you're already excited to slash those monsters with your mighty wooden sword but take a free buff from buff pang first.

Now go north and slash those cute small aibats. But before that, let's make your life easier...

This is easier than double clicking the monster to attack it. Put it to F1.

At level 2 you will also receive a system reward. Let me discuss about the items that you will receive from leveling so you can better make you of it.

Continue slashing those aibats while slowly going north.

While leveling, always fight monsters higher level than you. If you can't find the right monster...

If you spot this not so cute large monster...

You will encounter this as well.

Continue your journey up to lv 15. Now you can change your job. You will no longer be a Vagrant!
But before you change your job, let's open the level 15 reward you received. You will received random cloaks that give stat. Keep the +8 and +4 and delete the +1

You can choose to be a Mercenary, Assist, Magician and Acrobat.
Go to the Town to change your Job.

To help you reach your dream job easier, here is an easy tip.
Press "Q" to bring out the quest.

After finishing the Change Job Quest, your stat will be reset. You can now allot your stat depending on your chosen job.
Here is a quick stat guide for every class. I will discuss a more comprehensive stat build in Part 2 of my Guide.
Mercenary-You can go STR if you want to become a damage dealer or STA if tanker.
Assist- STR if Hitter, STA if tanker and INT if full support
Acrobat- STR if you want to use Yoyo and DEX if you want to use Bow.
Magician- INT only :p You can add STA later.

I know you already want to see yourself casting skills because you've been slashing since level 1.
The safest way to allot your skill is to look at the skill after it and look for the required level of the previous skill to be able to learn that skill.

I will discuss a detailed skill build later.

For now, use a blinkwing to SaintMorning and start your New journey there.

Good luck!!

2.jpg 729.2K
3.jpg 804.5K
4.jpg 561.7K
5.jpg 506K
17.jpg 413.2K
6.jpg 409.5K
7.jpg 702.6K
8.jpg 555.6K
9.jpg 661.6K
10.jpg 602.7K
11.jpg 671.6K
12.jpg 606.3K
13.jpg 732.2K
14.jpg 173.5K
15.jpg 95.2K
18.jpg 561.3K


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