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Being a Magician (1/3)


The guide is intended for the player to understand further the Magician class and enjoy the journey. "Fly for Fun", as the game title says. :)

The first part of the guide serves as an introduction and share the steps of class changing. If you happen to notice some inaccurate or unsatisfactory information in this article, feel free to point it out.


Every MMORPGs will almost always include a Magician/Mage class. Here, the Mage is almost on the same page with other games. They have an easy-to-understand skill set, and the player can grasp the nature of the elements in no time. Mages have their weapon of choice between a two-handed Staff or a Wand, with the latter enabling the use of a Shield for extra defense.

The Job Change

We will be skipping the Vagrant part, as everything starting from the "Instructions for Beginners" provided by the Pang is pretty straightforward. However, we have to take note of some missable but worthwhile General Quests before reaching Lv.15:

[Lv.5 and above] New Puppy Yorrn (Flaris, Loyah)

[Lv.14 only] Trouble-Maker in Pumpking Village (Saint Morning, Jeonghwa)

Rewards of both quests are hefty in-game money.
If you'll be faithfully completing the Office Quest of Flaris, there is a quest where you'll gather Unknown Letters. Make it a habit to pickup a lot of this item everytime you'll be passing by at its location, as this type of quest will be later repeated by a different NPC. Gathering 30 pieces of these will be much easier when more Channels will be added in the server.

Now, into the Job Change Quest:

1.) The Starting NPC is located at Saint Morning. Buy at least 3 Blinkwings of it from the [Magic Shop], as you'll be going back and forth throughout the entire quest.

2.) Upon accepting the quest of Defeating 10 Captain Aibatt, you'll be automatically sent to Flaris. If you have collected 10 Twinkle Stones dropped by all Aibatts during your leveling or on this quest, bring them with you before returning to Saint Morning.

3.) Once you've reported back the Captain Aibatt Hunt, your next quest will be collecting items, and this is the 10 Twinkle Stones mentioned from #2. Once completed, report to the desginated NPC.

4.) As you deliver the items, you'll be again designated to an NPC in Flaris.

*Do not lose the items you've received after speaking with him.

And from here, you will need to slay a certain monster back in Saint Morning.

5.) Report to the designated NPC after defeating the monster. This one is standing next to the Starting NPC of the Job Change Quest. After hearing her explanations, you will now then become a Magician officially; unlocking its Skill Tree and also receiving a few Event Items.
* Among the free Event Items, it is advisable to KEEP the Re-Skill item. This is valuable, especially for the next Job Change later in the game.
** Items prefixed with "Event" cannot be dropped, moved to the Storage, Private Shop, Mailing, and in all kinds of Trading. They can be dragged to the Trash Can though.


This concludes the first part of the Magician Guide.

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