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Let me ask you why hunt Lusaka weapons ?
Well its all about penya penya penya ! Easy way to earn penya !
You don't need to compete with other players on hunting !
You can run every 30 minutes, after you get inside the dungeon !
You don't need to wait for the boss to random spawn, its all set every 30 minutes!
You don't need a higher level to run this dungeon, level 80 is all you need.
Right now Guardian Weapons,Historic Weapons and Legendary Golden Weapons is quite cheap,
So i prefer hunting lusaka weapons because of there good price and
HIGH DEMAND easy to sell ! EAZYY MONEY !
And of course because of the GODLY BASE DAMAGE everyone wants !

-Level 40 party (Party skills 1.Lucky Drop 2.Gift Box )

Lets talk about this later on.

Now lets talk first about the Location.

It is Located on Darkon 1.2.

Nice isn't it ? This will be your home from now on,TRUST ME. LOL !

Now lets talk what will be needed to hunt easily on this map.
Make Sure to have a close friend who is willing to help you,
because with this guide it relies on teamwork !
Usually you can just share the loots. Don't be greedy my friend ! cherish your friendship !

First we will be needing a Jester or a Ranger.

Why do we need them ? Basically for there CHEATING skills.
Dark Illusion -
Fast Walker -
We need those skills to pass those freaking monsters, (Take Note) We wont be killing monsters, they are
freaking hard to kill and fast to spawn, we will ignore them with the help of the CHEATING SKILL of acrobats.
Sounds good right ?
Our main Objective here is by passing the monsters and destroying the totems.
We need to kill 4 totems over all so we can unlocked the boss and let it appear.
Let me show you the map.

In this map you can see 4 totems, with the help of your partner you need to plan on
who will be responible on killing which totem, teamwork my friend is the key !
Teamwork beats everything!
Let me show you examples of killing those totems.

Totem number 1

Totem number 2

Totem number 3

Totem number 4

After finishing all those totems, lets start with the boss !

Our requirements to kill the boss:

1.We need you to have a leaf or parmil set depending on your gender. 3/4 set may do.
Why do we need this set? Basically this set gives you speed+20% with 3/4 set.
This explains everything you need this to pass mobs and to agroo the boss and be the runner.

2.Here we are,
Now we need a Level 80 Billposter Pure str, with MP set.
We need the mp set to boost the damage of your Asalraalaikum
This skill relies on your base damage and your mp.
So boosting your base damage and MP will give a significant damage boost on your ASAL.
Examples of items that add ASAL damage are
2 Pieces Vigor ring+9 or higher
Mental Necklace +20

Shield 300mp+awake
Knuckle 300mp+awake
Parts with 300mp+awake
You get the idea, just boost your STR and MP and you will see the result.

Let your Billposter wear the Leaf/Parmil set.
Let me show you an example

Now were ready to run !
Heres more examples

Take note when passing on the mobs, always jump above it, and stay on left side always.
Mobs have low agroo range, so you can by pass them easily.
Use your hidden talents to sidestep/moonwalk/catwalk/dogwalk/to cross-over the monsters.
Practice makes perfect ! Dying is okay just try and try until you perfect it.

After reaching the Boss.
Trade your leaf/Parmil set to the one who will be the runner.
The runner will get the agroo of the boss and will run in circle.
The Billposter will wear its Asal set and will do the damage by using ASAL.
Heres an example, of my run lately.

Always dont forget to use your party skills when killing the boss.
Now are you enlightened?

If you have more questions please comment down below.
Happy Hunting, May the drops be with you !

Shout Out to my friends !
Kutz,Orayt,Espreketek and Kratozz


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