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New player about the game

Hello there,

I'm not sure how active this server actually is, but I gave it a try since yesterday.
Till now it's all good and well, but I was kind of disappointed to notice that a big part of a quest from the original flyff
seems to be missing? I know this server is based on an old version of flyff, giving the players some extra exp, drope en penya rates,
but leaving a part of the quest out the original flyff does use, came as a meh.. for me.

For I remember it gave experience and 100.000 penya for each completed quest, a chain continuing till lvl 60 (something like that, cant remember fully),
which gives a nice boost in penya and exp.
I don't mean to brag about this server now, for I understand why it's made. But to keep players having a good feel in this private server
and to drag more players to Flyff Iblis, I think it's important to not end up underneath the original flyff. I just enjoyed the quest a lot,
and I know I can just return to flyff gold. But because of this server having sligtly better rates, I hoped to have it better.

I'll keep on playing for a bit, and see if it's worth is. Till now I do enjoy.

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