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[EVENT] Hoard'em Monthly Collecting Quest

edited December 2019 in Events

Hello FlyFFers!

Through this event, Pink Chips (EPoints) can now be acquired not only by "Siegers" who just login during Guild Sieges but also by players who are willing to devote their time and effort to the game.

The Strange Collector NPC in Saintmorning is now collecting everything rare and precious.

He will task you with collecting great quantities of Strange Chests from Hoppres, NuttyWheels and Kerns (small, normal and captain). His needed collection changes every month.

These chests are not the usual quest items you get from masquerpets but a unique kind and only droppable during event period to prevent pre-farming.

Complete the task at hand, and get rewarded with Pink Chips which you can exchange for EPoints. Only non-giant masquerpets drop these Strange Chests.

* Strange Chest drop chance is similar to the Masquerpet's original Quest Item drop rate.
* Two spots will be available, mid level and high level.
* Special Quest Items are not the usual QIs you get from Masquerpets. These Special QIs are only dropped during event period to prevent QI pre-farming.
* The special quest item drop chance is equal for both AOE and 1v1 kill.
* All PK rules are ceased on the both Masquerpet spots.
* Automation tools or bots can be easily spotted because the two spots will be observed by a GM using a normal toon.
* Only normal masquerpets drop the chest. Giants do not drop the chest.


  • edited November 2019

    Current Masquerpets that drop Strange Chests:
    * Boo
    * Kern

  • 12/9/19
    Current Masquerpets that drop Strange Chests:
    * Kern
    * Nutty Wheel
    * Hoppre

  • 3/1/20
    Gongury, Shuhamma, luia

  • Hoard'Em Update
    Removed: Driller, Syliaca, Luia, Gongury, Shuhamma
    Added Trangfoma, Leyena, Steelknight, Grrr, Elderguard, Toadrin (less drop)

  • Update: Mocomochi, Buur, Gray Earl, Saphyryan

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