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A total newcomer's guide to FLYFF (Part 1/3 Intro and Parties)

If you never played this game until now, you're either:

  1. Captured and forced to play it.
  2. You genuinely like how it looks.

In either case as a newcomer, reading this guide will ensure that you do not get mauled by the ferocious, deadly aibatts waiting for you outside of town. So then, let's do 100 push-ups and start reading!

Newbie: What makes FLYFF different from other MMORPGs?

Wise Elder: Cough What makes who what? Speak louder, son! Cough


Wise Elder: Don't you yell at me like that! You should respect your elders.

Wise Elder: Anyway... FLYFF is a simple game. It's easy to understand, but making a good character will take hard work. It has a very pleasant artstyle, relaxing music, and.... My age is affecting my memory... Cough OH yeah, you can fly wherever you want to!

Newbie: So you mean I can just log in and start having fun right away?

Wise Elder: Yes! There is always a level to gain and better gear to obtain. Just go out of town and kill some monsters, that's it.

Newbie: But leveling is so sloooooow... I wish I could level 100 times faster and get all the drops.

Wise Elder: Why you... Listen, that is a good thing. When you level up, it will feel like you accomplished something. When you get a great drop, you'll be really thankful for it. If everything would be easy, everyone and everything would be the same. With things being the way they are, hard work will separate you from everyone else. You don't need the maximum level right now, just play the game! Find some friends and get into a party, as a start.

Newbie: A party, you say?

Wise Elder: In FLYFF, joining a party is always better than leveling alone.

Newbie: So... can a very high-level character join my party and level me up :D ?

Wise Elder: NOO!! The maximum level difference is 19. So if you are level 10 and you have a friend who is lvl 29, that friend can level you up then.

Newbie: But why would he let me steal his experience?

Wise Elder: The greater the level difference is the more EXP you and your partner will get. He will be better having you as a leecher rather than fighting alone. That's right, people like you are called LEECHERS, in a party. Because you can just follow your partner and do nothing. But you can help if you desire so.

Newbie: The party system is really interesting, tell me more.

Wise Elder: Do I look like a book to you? FINE, I'll tell you more. As people fight monsters in a party, the party will level up. But in order to level up a party, it is absolutely necessary that the people fighting, or leeching, aren't too far from each other. When the party reaches level 10, you must open the party button (P) and CHANGE it to an Advanced Party.

Newbie: Advanced party...?

Wise Elder: An advanced party can have its own name. It also lets you use party skills and change the way experience is distributed to the members. Setting the experience distribution to 'Contribution' is more beneficial to the member doing the fighting. At party level 40, you can use the party drop skills to drastically increase the chance of getting goodies from monsters. It's also why you see people buying parties. And as a newcomer, making a level 40 party and selling it would not be a bad idea if you want to make some penya.

Newbie: OK, that's all neat, but how do I sell a party?

Wise Elder: One does not simply sell a party! Cough Basically, you must trust the person you're giving the lead to. You will invite a person into the party, give him the party lead, and trade with him to get your sweet, sweet penya. But you can get scammed, so be wary, new-one.

Newbie: Sometimes I see high-level players having some st00pid lvl 1 n00bs following them while fighting. Why is that?

Wise Elder: For reasons only the FLYFF God knows, having a low-level leecher follow you in a party while you do the fighting will actually give you about x2 more EXP, shall the party be advanced and full. This is why some people Dual Client. But some prefer having a Ringmaster following them, because of the buffs. Again, your low-lvl leecher won't get any EXP if, for example, your fighting character is lvl 40 and the leecher is lvl 20, because of the max lvl difference in a party, 19.

Newbie: Got it. So I can open FLYFF two times and for the second window I can either have a leecher following me for the x2 EXP in an advanced party with the experience set to 'Contribution'... or I can have a ringmaster that buffs me when I need to, so I can fight faster.

Wise Elder: You learn fast... for a n00b, LOL.

Newbie: I expected more mature behavior from a 'Wise Elder'...

Wise Elder: I expected you to SHUT UP, n00b. But yes... cough You were right about the party. And also remember, it doesn't have to be a level 1 leecher, it can be lvl 20 so it can follow you while flying. But, make sure the level difference between the leecher and the fighter is big enough. One last thing to remember about a party is that the more members it has, the more EXP everyone gets. A full party of 8 people is the best party to be in. If you don't feel like making a party but you want to profit from being in one, press (V), search for one, and enter it.

Newbie: Wow, that was really helpful... and boring! Hmm, I want to fly. Why can't I fly in Fly For Fun???

To be continued...

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