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A total newcomer's guide to FLYFF (Part 3/3 Stats, Upgrading, Grinding)

Previously in "A total newcomer's guide to FLYFF":

Wise Elder: Do not put skill points into your vagrant skills, as you will only be a vagrant for a short time. You can and should put stat points, such as STA, DEX, STR, into your character, because stats get reset after you change your job for the first time, but Skill Points do not get reset!

Newbie: I want to become a... boxer!

Wise Elder: It's not a boxer, it's a Billposter! And no matter what you want to become, you should not distribute your stat points randomly. Try either making a build where you focus on a main stat and a secondary one, or one build where you just focus on one stat. Specializing and not throwing away your stat points all over the place is better than putting stat points everywhere!

Newbie: Ok, but which stats should I increase then?

Wise Elder: It's up to you and it depends on what character you want to make. STR increases close-combat damage for all weapons except for the bow. DEX increases attack speed, accuracy, critical chance, and bow damage. INT increases your magic damage, magic defense, total magic, magic recovery rate, and duration of buffs. STA increases health, defense, and FP. So you see, only increase stats that you find useful. If you have an AOE character, you would want more STA than a 1vs1 character.

Newbie: AOE...?

Wise Elder: AOE means area of effect. Some classes have skills that make it possible to gather lots of monsters and then attack them all at once. Depending on your class, you might get such skills on your first or second job change. It requires a lot of health and defense. There are also sets that specialize in 1vs1 combat or AOE.

Newbie: Wow, now I feel much more intelligent than I actually am. Thanks! You are truly a Wise Elder. Is there anything else I should know?

Wise Elder: Cough Spit Don't think you can gain any special treatment from me by using those compliments. Yes, there is much you still need to know. When you have lots of Sunstones, if you have decent armor parts, you should upgrade them. If you upgrade all 4 armor parts to +3, you get a 5% accuracy bonus, 3% block bonus, and 3% magic power bonus... and a nice glow around your character! Double click a sunstone and then click the armor part you want to upgrade. But be careful, after +3, if the upgrade fails you will lose your armor part! In that case, you need an expensive scroll called SProtect. The more you upgrade your armor set, the higher the bonuses get.

Wise Elder: You can also upgrade weapons and shields in the same way, but they don't receive an increased hit rate, but just increased stats. Upgrading and piercing is done rarely, but if you plan to use a set for a while do try to upgrade or pierce it.

Newbie: Piercing, like poking holes in it?

Wise Elder: Piercing by using a Moonstone! This allows you to place Cards into the newly created slot, which give bonus stats. Careful though, you will lose your item even on the first try if the piercing fails! Do not attempt to pierce an expensive item without a GProtect scroll, only test your luck on items you do not care much about. You can also use Element Cards to upgrade your set or weapon for a specific element. It works just like using sunstones, and it's also risky after +3, but safe to do it till +3. For example, elementing your weapon to Water +3 will increase your damage against Fire monsters. Elementing your armor parts to +3 Water will grant you higher defense against Fire monsters.

Newbie: Soooooo... if I have my board, my chicken and my normal pet, a good set or upgraded/awakened armor... and uhh... no penya, can I just go and grind now?

Wise Elder: YES! Cough Cough Cough And to make your leveling even faster, take quests from NPCs! Look at the people in town with "?" above their head. They have quests that give you a lot of EXP, and a helpful amount of penya for a newbie. A lot of new players ignore quests and instead grind while using all of their Amplification Scrolls before they reach level 60. But try to save those EXP Amplification Scrolls for later and instead take more quests. See... those Quest Items are not only useful for Pet Feed!

Wise Elder: Another good thing to remember is that while the Tower from Flaris is a popular place with many monsters, the monsters there hit harder, give less EXP and fewer drops compared to other areas. So do try to step outside of the tower from Flaris once in a while and fight in the nature!

Newbie: Wow, after this conversation I feel like FLYFF is incredibly complicated. I thought you said it was a simple game...

Wise Elder: You do not need to know everything right from the start, newbie. You will learn as you keep playing. All that matters for now is that you log in, grind, complete quests, party, search for better gear, try your luck, participate in events, and have fun. Do not worry about reaching the maximum level today, but be happy about the small progress that you make every day. That's why FLYFF is fun! It's about the journey to the maximum level.

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