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Top 20 question newbies ask about Flyff

Princess Noire's top 20 questions newbies ask about Flyff

Question number 1: How many kinds of element cards exist and what are the card's ranking?
Answer: ----There are 5 element cards---
*Generator (Electric)
*Flame (Fire)
* River (Water)
*Cyclone (Wind)
*Desert (Earth)
---And the rankings are like this---
* Electric beats Water
* Water beats Fire
* Fire beats Wind
* Wind beats Earth
* Earth beats Electric

Question number 2: What are sunstones and moonstones?
Answer: The Sunstones and Moonstones are some valuable items for upgrading gear. Moonstones are used for upgrading items like Necklaces, Rings, and used for
piercing, while sunstones are used in upgrading armor like Gaunts, Suits, Boots, Helmets, or just Weapons and Shields.

Question number 3: Where do I get Sunstones and Moonstones from?
Answer: You can get sunstones and moonstones from monsters or Player shop.

Question number 4: How can I get more EXP?
Answer: There are a couple of ways of getting more EXP, for example: leecher(level 1 or a leecher with maximum 19 lvl lower, so it can get EXP too), cheer, EXP
event, mentor/pupil, or Scrolls of Amplification.

Question number 5: Where are the best places to grind?
Answer: The best places to grind are either premium locations (Azria, Traseia) or just go in Dekane Mines. Avoid going to tower, unless you have a tank or

Question number 6: What will happen if I PK someone?
Answer: If it's your first PK, you need to go to Priest of Confession. Then you will receive an angel which will steal some of your EXP. When you have enough
EXP for angel, you need to go back to Priest and then a random number from 1 to 5 will be selected. If this is your first PK it will surely be forgiven, but
chances will decrease as long as you continue PK-ing. The more PKs you'll do, the less damage you'll do against other players.

Question number 7: How to create a Shining Oricalkum?
Answer: You need to combine 5 Moonstones and 5 Sunstones. It can be used for converting +10 Unique Weapons to Ultimate Weapons.

Question number 8: What are the stats and how should I add them?
Answer: ----The stats are-----
* STA, meaning stamina
* DEX, meaning dexterity
* STR, meaning strength
* INT, meaning intelligence

Also, stat points should be added like this:
---Assists should add---
* STR (1v1 BP)
* INT(AOE BP or Ringmaster)
* DEX (for hit rate)

---Magicians should add---

---Acrobats should add---
A) Bow Acrobat
B ) Yoyo Acrobat
---Mercenary should add---

Question number 9: What giants leave Historic Weapons?
Answer: Carrierbomb, Hopre, Mushpoie, Iren, Watangka and Antiquery. Historic Weapons are pretty expensive, so make sure to hunt them at the right level. The max
difference is 5 levels higher or lower, or drops will suffer.

Question number 10: What is the difference between AOE kind and 1V1 kind?
Answer: AOE= area of effect. Can fight with lots of mobs, since they have lots of HP. This kind is based on HP or INT. It's very useful for farming.
1V1= 1 versus 1. As the name says, you can fight 1 monster at a time. This kind is based on STR or DEX. Good for gianting.

Question number 11: How long does it take for giants to re-spawn?
Answer: About 15-30 minutes.

Question number 12: Should I add vagrant skil points??
Answer: Keep them. They will be very useful in the future, because you need to add them in second job skills. :D

Question number 13: What are the best giants to hunt for level 60-90?
Answer: Syliaca, Nauterpy and Greemong, because they give Guardian Weapons, which are expensive, and Carrierbomb, Hoppre, Mushpoie, Iren, Watangka, Antiquery
for Historic Weapons. You can't find these weapons at NPCS.

Question number 14: What will happen once I get Hero?
Answer: Congrats! You got Hero! 'So, what now?' you may ask yourself. Once you get Hero you still have a long list of things to do, for example: aim to be the
best player, search for even better equipment, tank someone, farm in dungeons, or just start another character. It's your choice from now on! ^_^

Question number 15: What are the best dungeons to farm in?
* The Wilds-Lusaka Weapons(level 65-80)
* The Savage Wilds- Crystal Lusaka Weapons(65M-80M)
* Cove of the Ancients( 90-105)
* Abyssal Cove of the Ancients(90M-105M)
* Les Britannia S(100-120)
* La Christiana A(100M-120M)
* Aminus Dungeon(115-121)
* Cursed Aminus Dungeon(115-121)
And regular dungeons: Dekana Mines(Darkon 1,2) and Volkane Dungeon (Darkon 3).

Question number 16: What happens if your pet dies? And how can it die?
Answer: Your pet can die if you get killed by a monster, even if disconnected, or you just forget to feed it. If it dies, it will lose 1 life. It won't die in
arena, but it can die if you get PK-d too. The consequences are that it will lose 1 life. If it doesn't have any more lives, you can buy a scroll of Pet Revive,
and choose it's level. (B, A or S only)

Question number 17: What will happen once I get Master?
Answer: Your level wil be reduced to 60, but this time you will have a 'M' near your name. The EXP you will get will be about 50% as you got before you were
a master, but you will level up easy because of the good equipment you will have.

Question number 18: Where do I go to become Master or Hero?
Answer: To Volkane Dungeon, Darkon 3.

Question number 19: Should I do quests or not?
Answer: Yes, defnitelly. That way, you will get more EXP and will have less to grind. :open_mouth:

Question number 20:Why should I play Flyff?
Answer:You should play flyff just because of the incredible style, music, ideas. Everything about it is unique. Once you begin to play it's so addictive you
won't stop.

This was PrincessNoire's top 20 Question newbies ask about Flyff. Thank you for reading and happy flyffing!

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