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Can't login or having high ping?

Method A: Renew Local IP

Step 1. Open command prompt (CMD) by doing hotkey (Windows + R)
Step 2. Type in : cmd
Step 3. One the cmd screen, type in the following commands in order:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

Method B: Using CloudFlare

Step 1. Download and Install CloudFlare warp at

Step 2. Click connect then select " with WARP"

Method C: Change Public IP by resetting Router

Step 1. Visit then take note of your IP Address which will be in number format
Step 2. Go near your home router then turn it off. Leave it off for at least 5 minutes
Step 3. Turn on router then visit ipchicken again. See if your IP address has changed.

Method D : Using Iblis DNS tool

Step 1 Download Link: FIX tool.
Step 2 Click any DNS server then try patching. If it doesn't work, try another DNS server.


  • How to check Ping in Flyff Iblis for Windows 10

    Flyff Iblis currently has no in-game ping display. To see your ping, you need to use your windows Task Manager.
    1. Open Task Manager (ctrl+alt+ESC)
    2. Click "Performance" tab
    3. Click "Open Resource Monitor"
    4. Click "Network" tab on Resource Monitor window
    5. Check the box of "MiniA.exe"
    6. Expand "TCP Connections"
    7. View the in-game ping by checking the Latency on the table for remote port 15400.

  • edited 3:30PM

    Patch errors / Anti-Cheat Errors

    Problem: Game does not start after Anti-cheat loads
    Fix: Restart pc or just retry until it opens. If you use Norton antivirus, uninstall it.

    Problem: Anti-cheat error "Easy anti cheat is not installed"
    Fix: Run manual patch as admin.

    Problem: Anti-cheat error "Create file failed with 32"
    Fix: Restart computer or end-task all processes named MiniA.exe

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