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Leveling Guide Lvl 1 - 121H

Hello guys, I would like to share to you what I learn on how to level from level 1 - level 121H in this game. Leveling is hard but when you strive for it, you can make it to the top.

But first let me advice you one thing, for this guide, having a dual account is required but if you can't you can still do it but you're doing it 2x harder than having a dual account level for you. The purpose of having a dual account is for you to level with a leech because youre supposedly to create an assist (RM on 2ND Job) for you to have buffs and skills.

Upon creating characters, you'll be in Flaris. leveling should start after taking buffs from the **buff pang ** in the middle of flaris, after taking the buff you are now ready to go, create a party or join a party in the partyfinder if you want to level fast because the contribution mode in the party will help you level fast. After that you will now go to aibatt, the first level 1 mob in the game, level up to level 2 then jump on mushpang, straight leveling to burudeng, pukepuke. When you're on your level 7 or 8. U can go to Madren Town and take on some demians until level 10. After this you can go to doridoma's or head straight to lawoif's. Your goal on leveling at flaris is to get 1st job. You will level to lawoif's up to level 12 or 13 then you can go to feferns and nyangnyang to level up to level 15 (Bangs are also in if you got high level buffs, but if you don't have any good buffs, dont dare go or you'll be having a hard time). After getting level 15 go take the job for your ideal class and especially get an assist for your alternate character because you will be needing an RM for future leveling.

After taking 1st job, you are now ready to level in saint morning. First you can go take the bangs outside saintmorning, thats the best monsters u can take at your 1st job (or you can stay at nyangnyang if you prefer so), you'll stay there at level 18. After getting level 18 you can go to wagsaac, take on some wagsaacs and level up to 20-21. (OOPS don't forget to use your freebies in-game you can check the website for the freebies every level). At level 20 you can get a board that will help you fly, u can go fly to pumpkin town. Outside pumpkin town you'll see a spawn of mia's which you will level up to level 22-23 before going in again to pumpkin town to level at pumpkins, mantis, jackhammer, and gigglebox up to level 31-32. After getting the desired level you can go to rockmuscle and hobo (fantasy desert) level up to 34-35 before going to dumbull, you can level to dumbull's up to 37 so u can take-on totemia. You will level to totemia up to level 39-40 so u can take on cardpuppet. You can stay on card puppet at level 41-42 before going to Garden or Rhisis. Garden of Rhisis is where you will level up to 49-50. Take on the monsters in this sequence. Tombstonebearer(43-44)-Phantom Basque(45-46)-Prankster(47-48-Wheelem(49-50). After that you will go to darkon 1.

After getting level 49-50 you are finished in saintmorning, you will now go to darkon. Now this sequence will help you level up to level 60 and take on your second job.

  1. Leyena - 50-51
  2. Steamwalker - 52-54
  3. Steel Knight - 55-56
  4. Nuttywheel - 57-58
  5. Driller/Volt - 58 - 60

This is the best level to take those mobs easily because if you're a newbie and don't have a strong buffer, I strongly recommend to level only within the reach of your levels for you to kill fast and gain more exp.

After taking level 60 and changing jobs you will now follow this sequence to level up to 70.

Go to Darkon and follow this sequence so you can level up to 70, if you don't prefer leveling to darkon you can just go to B1 and level there but they are stronger and the exp is lower than the mobs outside the dungeon, still just follow the sequence of the mobs level.

  1. Volt - 60-61
  2. Elderguard - 60-63
  3. Garbagepider - 64-65
  4. Cranemachinery - 66-68
  5. Syliaca/Greemong - 69-70

Upon hitting level 70 you'll get a freebie Azria Ticket (15 days) you can go to azria and level there. Follow this sequence up to level 115.

  1. Yetti 70-73 (Optional 70-75 you can start leveling on mutant yetti's at 73 but its hard)
  2. Mutant Yetti - 75-80
  3. Augu - 80-85
  4. Mutant Augu - 85-91
  5. Ghost of the forgotten prince - 91-97
  6. Ghost of the forgotten king - 97 - 104
  7. Mammoth - 104 - 110
  8. Cannibal Mammoth - 110 - 115

P.S - If you're having a hard time leveling you can go to darkon 3 and level there, but I highly recommend azria because you can gain more exp, the mobs aren't that strong and you can get lots of penya drop and item drops.

Upon hitting level 105(You can skip cannibal mammoth if you want, I also skipped shaduwar because I don't prefer leveling in shaduwar there are few spawns of monsters but you can take their quest items so you can get exp.), you can already go to the last leveling place. The B5 dungeon. where it consists of level 110-120 mobs.

Follow this sequence on leveling at b5.

  1. Small Gannessa - 105-110
  2. Ganessa - 110-112
  3. Captain Ganessa - 112-114
  4. Small Asuras - 114-116
  5. Asuras - 116-118
  6. Captain Asuras - 118-120

If you hit level 120 99%, you can go take the master job at volkane and when you revert back to 60, just follow the instructions again up to Hero (It will take long because you'll take 50% lower exp but its easier because you can kill the mobs fast and you have extra stats.).

And that's it, I hope this guide helped you all. :)


  • IGN: Jessie

  • level 73 ako di ko pa nagagamit Azria ticket ko. Kaso madadala ko ba RM ko sa Azria kahit walang ticket ? alam ko hindi e


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