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"Road to Bow Jester" Guide for Bow Jester

Hello everyone!, I know why you are here!, Maybe because you are looking for the best build and guide for Bow Jester :), then congratulations you found it!.

Jester is known as the king of criticals, you know why? because of the high percentage of critical chance. Jester does critical in almost all of its hits. Since Jester has the high percentage of critical hits it may constantly knockback the enemy, so it makes the Jester untouchable.

I know how excited you are to play bow Jester but wait you need to create character first :)

After creating your character, you need to reach level 15, so you can chance job from Vagrant to Acrobat

Just go outside the flaris town and kill monsters until you reach level 15.

"Remember": never use Vagrant skill points (SP) because you will use it later. Believe me! B)

After reaching level 15, you are now ready to do job change quest for Acrobat, you need to buy "Blinking to Darkon" from Marche, located at Eastern Flaris.

Talk to [Acrobat Trainer] Hent, then do all the Quest for change job.
After doing all the quest for change job, now talk to [Acrobat Trainer] Tailer.
Congratulations! you are now an Acrobat.

Now you need to do levelling for you to reach level 60.

Since you are a bow Jester you can do fast levelling, don't worry if you don't have an assist or ringmaster, just find "Buff Pang" in any town, it's always near in the bank. Always remember to rebuffs if the buffs near to end.

Stats Build:
Str: 15
Sta: 15
Dex: xx (Pure Dex)
Int: 15

Pure dex because it increases Attack Speed, Evasion Rate, Blocking Rate, Critical Hit Chance, and Striking power of Bow.

Skill Build:
(Important Skills)
- Max Bow Mastery (It increases your bow attack power by 20 when maxed)
- Max Perfect Block (It increases your block rate by 20% when maxed)
- Max Junk Arrow (You can spam this skill to kill the mob faster than normal attack)
- Max Aimed Shot (You can spam this skill to kill the mob faster than normal attack)

Save your Skill Points(SP) for other skills later.

Recommended Items:

[LVL 15-25] - Bow of Accuracy (Added bonus: Dex +2, Hit Rate +10%)
[LVL 25-30] - Tritium Bow (Added bonus: Atk Speed +10%)
[LVL 30-45] - Bow of Spirit (Added bonus: Dex +2, Atk +2)
[LVL 45-60] - Flaming Bow (Added bonus: Damage of Crits+20%, Crit Rate+3%)

Armor set:
[LVL 15-30] - Slepint (Male)/Stinger (Female)
[LVL 30-45] - Layered (Male)/Miracle (Female)
[LVL 45-60] - Cruiser (Male)/Hyper (Female)

See Armor set bonus effects here:

Gore Necklace +3 - +9 (It gives Max. Hp depends on upgrade)
2pcs of Arek ring (DEX) +3 - +9 (It gives Dex attribute depends on upgrade)
2pcs of Demol earring ( +3 - +12 (It gives Additional damage depends on upgrade)

Note: If you cannot afford to buy the recommended equipment you may use NPC items for the meantime until you have the fund to buy one of these. So I would suggest to save money from the very beginning, know the market so you can do buy and sell.

The recommended place for levelling.

[LVL 15-40] - Saintmorning
[LVL 41-51] - Garden of Rhisis
[LVL 52-60] - Darkon 2

When you reach level 60, it's time for you to become a Jester!. Are you excited? I know, I know, because the long wait is over! :)
Let's get this started!

Go to Darkon town and find [Jester Master] Lorein, then do all the Quest for change job.
After doing all the quest for change job, now talk to [Jester Guardian] Heingard.
Congratulations! you are now a Jester!.

So now, you're jester already. Let's talk about how to build a Bow Jester.

But first, the bow Jester is one of the best classes in Flyff. It's very easy to use/play since the only stat that you will add to is DEX. Also, it taking advantage the 4% crit rate for every 10 DEX which makes it easy for you to achieve a high crit rate.

Bow Jester is also good against Bosses, Giant Hunting, 1on1, and PVE (Also known as Player versus Monster). Since Jester has very high critical hit damage, crit chance and very high accuracy, it can constantly knockback and take down the enemy easily.

Pure Dex Bow Jester build:

Stats build:
Str: 15
Sta: 15
Dex: xxx
Int: 15


[LVL 60-75 or even up to 95] - Flaming Bow (Additional Damage of Critical (ADOCH) +20%, Crit Chance+3%) this bow is good since it gives you +20% Add Damage Of Critical Hit and +3 Critical Chance, but if your crit rate is not enough then use Guardian Bow (Increase Hp +15%, Critical Chance +20%) this bow is really good since it gives you +20% Crit Chance for you to have 90% -100% Crit Rate, and also +15% HP for your survivability since jester is lack of Hp.

[LVL 75-120] - Ultimate Lusaka's Bow (Increase Hp +20%, Dex +10) this bow is very powerful since it has very high base damage Attack: 462 ~ 467. +20%Hp that really need of Jester because of lack of hp, and +10dex which gives you another +4% Crit Rate.

[LVL 95-120] - Legendary Golden Bow (Additional Damage of Critical +40%, +Attack Speed +10%) this bow is really good for Jester since it has a high percentage of Critical Rate and LGB will give you +40 ADOCH that's gonna be painful.

Recommended Awakes:
- High Dex
- High ADOCH or
- STA (For survivability).

Note: Don't forget to pierce your weapon much better if (0/3) up and use Electric Card [A or B]

Electric card A [+7Dex, +2% Crit Chance]
Electric card B [+4Dex, +1% Crit Chance]


[LVL 60-120] - Cruiser (Male)/Hyper (Female)
[LVL 90-120] - Restra (Male)/Resra (Female)

See Armor set bonus effects here:

Recommended Awakes:
- Helmet [High Dex] / [Sta] (For Survivability)
- Suit [High Dex] / [High ADOCH] / [Sta] (For Survivability)
- Guantlet [High Attack probably +80ATK UP] / [High Crit Rate]
- Boots [High ADOCH]

Note: Don't forget to pierce your suit much better if (0/3) up and use Lightning or Volcano [7% or 4%]

  • Lightning card 4% [ Increase Attack by 4% ]
  • Lightning card 7% [ Increase Attack by 7% ]
  • Volcano card 4% [ Increase Hp by 4% ]
  • Volcano card 7% [ Increase Hp by 7% ]

2pcs of Arek Ring +6 up
2pcs of Demol Earring +12 up
Gore Necklace +6 up

High Damage
High Critical and Attack Speed Rate
One of the best PVP classes
Fast levelling
Useful in Wilds run
Good in Boss and Giant Hunting.

Lack of HP (that's why you need STA or +%HP for Survivability)
Always need a buddy [Ringmaster]

- Make a ringmaster so you can have a healer and buffer around.
- Always join in an Advanced Party while levelling.
- Play Hard and Play Smart.

Thank you very much for spending time reading this guide. Just comment below if you have any question and suggestion.

Sorry for my bad English :)

IGN: CriticaliuouS / Cranberries

Enjoy playing Flyff - Iblis

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