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Being a Magician (3/3)


The third and last part of the guide is composed of advanced information, techniques, and tips that will prove helpful in your personal attack patterns. If you happen to notice some inaccurate or unsatisfactory information in this article, feel free to point it out.

Spelling the Spells: A Deeper Understanding

Now that we've understand what each spell in our arsenal can do, let's try to make use of our enemies' elemental weaknesses accordingly by fully utilizing the effects of different elements. Personally listed this as the "Element Combo."

In this list, there is a heavy usage of the** Action Slot**. As magicians, the "Casting Motion" in-between consecutive spells is crucial, and it can be shorten by favoring with the Action Slot. However, the Action Slot does "overheat" quite fast if all 5 Skill Slots are to be filled, or if executed in a quick pace. Hence, it is advised to set until 3 slots only.

[Against FIRE-type]

| |
Strange as this may sound, but it would be best to start off with a [Fire Strike]. Throwing a [Fire Strike] to an already Fire-type target makes it even more prone against Water attacks. You literally made it even "firi-er" :P . Attack mostly with [Water Ball]. Setting a [Fire Strike] before executing the Action Slot is suggested in order to unleash more Water spells. You can also try a [Water Well]-then-Electric attack sequence.

[Against WIND-type]

| |
Fire spells are pretty straighforward. You can just fire [Flame Balls] in succession, or do an alternate with [Fire Strike]. [Flame Geyser] is entirely an option, as you'll "cook" up the enemy real fast using the other two spells. Alternatively, you can also do a [Fire Strke]->[Water Ball] follow-up. [Flame Geyser] as the End Combo is helpful if you intend to create distance from your target later after the entire combo.

[Against WATER-type]

| |
Similar to the case with [Fire Strike] on Fire-type targets, [Water Well] upon Water-type targets will "refreshen" its weakness against Electric attacks. [Lightning Ram] will be our only choice of attacking, but we can always do a [Lightning Shock]-then-Earth attack as a variation.
Due to [Water Well]'s "instant hit" nature, a "Lightning Ram->Water Well" will make the electric projectile "instantly hit" the target as well as adding up the damage bonus from [Water Well], like it is actually executed as a "Water Well->Lightning Ram" attack.

[Against ELECTRIC-type]

| |
Striking a [Lightning Shock] will also make an Electric-type target feel much "stingi-er", making Earth attacks do more damage. [Rooting] can also be an option here too, though it is not confirmed if the chances of success is affected by the {Earth>Electric} dynamics. Setting a [Lightning Shock] before executing the Action Slot is suggested in order to unleash more Earth spells.

[Against EARTH-type]

| |
There are no effects from the other elements that collaborates with Wind spells, and to top it off we only have 1 spell that has an effect. Thus, if we are to heavily rely on [Strongwind]'s knockback ability, [Rooting] would be the ideal partner for this. Starting or finishing off with a [Wind Cutter] is pretty good too. Making sure that [Rooting] takes effect at the start is a pretty good idea, but the 6s immobility may be shortened into a 3-4s due to the gap between the next spell and the confirmation of [Rooting] taking its effect.

Just one touch or two: The Ninja Play

Blinkpool, or the Teleportation, is one of the few overlooked skills. Few players probably just use it when walking in towns and such. But as a battle skill, Blinkpool can be amazing. Lv. 8 or above of the skill is suggested.

==> Scenario 1 <==

You're normally facing the enemy, and you intend to put distance by backing away via Blinkpool.
1. Rotate the camera by 180 spin. Your goal is to back away. Hence, "your camera" should be facing towards the direction you wanted to be teleported at.
2. Once you've find an "escape route", Blinkpool to that location.
3. Immediately upon pressing your preset key for Blinkpool, you must then return "your camera" back as facing towards your target. This has to be done before or at the time of landing to the new location.
4. When teleporting is successful, lock-on your target again and resume attacking.

You can actually do this towards any direction, as long as your goal is to be away from your target/s.

==> Scenario 2 <==

Assume other player is the target. Evade by teleporting to the very right-side.

During the casting, the camera must be changed from this angle...

into this angle just before the Blinkpool process is finished.

Going for a "get behind the target" is possible, but risky.
Note: Double-clicking with the right-click mouse button will cause "your camera" to be set to the direction where "your character" is actually facing.


-> Fewer hits taken means less consumption of HP pots
-> Creates distance from target/s farther than with running away
-> on proper timing, makes attack of target/s to "literally miss"
-> Can be used when trying out a monster with a much higher level
-> Highly effective together with [Wind Field] effect
-> An alternative for "Hit n Run" Elementors


-> Slightly increased MP usage as price for consuming less HP pots
-> Camera control trouble if at cramped areas (ex: Hoppre grounds)
-> Best to be used in a nearly obstacle-free area
-> May gather unwanted aggressive monsters
-> Ineffective against Ranged-type targets
-> Unreliable when strong Lag is observed

Closing Remarks:

And that would be all for this Mage Guide. Sorry as it turned out to be very lengthy. Hope that the information will prove to be useful for all.
If there are any concerns regarding the entire guide, please do not hesitate to follow-through.

Just keep Flyff-ing, everyone! ^_^

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