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[TUTORIAL]How to earn penya for the newbie 2nd job charaters

Good Day Flyffers

Want some awesome items, but you don't have enough penya?
Theres is a way to earn it!!! for some newbie 2nd job characters
that struggle by the means of penya.

The "Ivillis Mushellizer" that monster giant is located in ivillis temple, saint morning map.

theres a many way or short-cut way to make it there quickly, but im stick to my way.
follow my violet way or the red way:
see photo below:

2nd Job charaters is the best char. to farm there, because you earn much exp. when you kill that monster.
much better if you a party leader of party lv.40. So you can use the pt skill to make it more drop.

like Link Attack/Lucky Drop/Gift Box
see photo below:

so you can kill it quickly and have a drop of many items, that can you sell to NPC to make penya quickly.
see photo below:

You can farm the Ivillis Puppet by luring them with you or the buffer or high HP characters
they drop items to.

and kill the ivillis boxter they drop items also or if you lucky they drop the unique "ivillis weapons"

Before you go there make sure that your inventory has enough space for the npc items that you loot there
see photo below:

You incounter other characters that same as your goal, make sure you are a friendly people, before it getting worse!!!

The best and fast character to earn much penya is sa fast kill jobs, like Blade/Bow type Jester/Billposter or Fast Kill melee characters. And make sure if you go there you have a back-up buffer like RingMaster of Billposter that have the buff skill.

Happy Hunting, Flyffers

Thanks and GodBless

sorry for bad english. :)

IGN: Wisteria/Nougat/Francisco

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