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General Newbie Guide Part 2 The 4 Basic Jobs

Let me start this guide with an introduction to your chosen Job when you changed your Job at lv 15.

MERCENARY - Heavy physical damage dealer. Uses sword and axe. Main stats are STR, STA and some DEX. Never put INT!!

Stat Build: You can put all your stats to STR up to lv 50~55 then start adding STA because monsters at this lv will hit hard and STA(STA will give you health,def and FP) will help you survive those rage crits. This build is for 2nd job(lv
60 is the next change job
Blade and heavy damage dealer Knight. Your next Stat build option is pure STA which is stat build for Knight.
You will lack damage and might face difficulty leveling but you will be tankier than your dad!
Weapon of choice: You just have to choose between sword and axe. Sword has faster attack speed while axe has
slower but higher damage. So which is better? Answer: Sword. Since sword and axe are 1 handed weapons you
can also equip a shield to increase your defense.
Skill Build: These are the skills of
Mercenary. As you can see only the bottom skills are leveled because you, as a mercenary, deal damage better
when normal hitting than using those FP consuming skills.
Now, let's talk about the bottom skills.
bad skill!! at max lv it will only give you +20 def :'( . Lv it to 5. At lv 18 you will be able to learn two skills, Pan Barrier and Empower Weapon Pan Barrier will give you +40 Range Block at lv 20. Not very useful when leveling. Level it to 10. Empower Weapon will give you +11% attack power of elemented weapon. Not useful at early level. Your next skill is at lv 20, Sneaker It prevents the target enemy from moving. Very useful and annoying (if you know what I mean) skill. Don't put any skill points here yet. Save your skill points to Blazing Sword Since you will be using sword throughout your Mercenary days, you must max this skill immediately. Gives +50 damage and +10% hit rate. The next skill you need is Sword Mastery Gives 100% sword attack at max level. Max this as well. If you personally don't like sword because you want to axe your opponents, you can just max** Smite Axe** and Axe Mastery instead.

ASSIST - This is the earliest support job of the game. Can heal at cast buffs to self and other players. This is the only job with AOE skill pre second job.

Stat Build. Your stat depends mainly on what you want to be. Full support or Battle type.
For Full support, the best build is full int because int makes your heal stronger and your buffs last longer.
For Battle type, full str is the best as str will also increase the damage dealt by your AOE skill, Burst Crack. You can also add some STA ( 30 Base STA ). Pure STA is also an option if you want a Tank AOE damage dealer but your damage won't be that great.

Weapon of choice. Assist can equip a stick which is a two-handed weapon and is the required weapon to cast heal and buffs. You can also equip Knuckle. A one-handed weapon that lets you use the damaging skills of assist. If you're a full support the stick is your lifetime best friend. A battle type assist will use knuckle but has to keep a stick to be able to cast buffs ( yes, you can be a buffer and a damage dealer at the same time )

Skill Build. These are the skills you should max immediately as a Full support. Head Up gives +40 STA at max lv. Beef Up +20 STR. Max this if you're supporting a STR based build. Haste +25% attack speed. Max if supporting an auto attack based build. Mental Sign +20 INT. Max if supporting a Magician. Cat's Reflex +12% block rate of melee attacks. Cannon Ball +20 DEX. Max if supporting an auto attack based build. Accuracy +20% hit rate. Quick Step
You can max this later or max early if supporting a mage. The rest of skill, you can just level them at minimum. Never waste your skill points to your damaging skills.
For Battle type Assist, skill to max are Stone Hand
and Burst Crack You can also max useful buffs such as Head Up , Beef Up , Haste , Cat's Reflex , Accuracy and Cannon Ball.

MAGICIAN - maybe you're wondering why the job change NPC for magician is not located in Flaris. I don't know the real answer but I have an idea "They don't want you to play magician". What does it mean? Magician is not newbie friendly because of its low hp, low defense, binge food and Mp potion eater. But it does a LOT of damage. You will lv very fast as long as you have the resources ( full support assist, food, potions ).

Stat Build Pure INT. Very fast kill but very squishy. Recommended if you have an assist. If you don't have an assist, you might need to add some STA just to survive from rage crits of a monster.

Weapon of choice Magician can equip 2 weapons: Staff ( two-handed ) and Wand ( one-handed ). Staff has higher damage output than Wand but equipping wand allows you to equip a shield ( + defense ).

Skill Build Leveling a magician is very tricky because of the elements of your skills. You will be fighting monster depending on their element and the element your mastered. Here is how the elements work: Fire is strong against wind. Wind is strong against earth. Earth is strong agains lightning and Lightning is strong against water. Magician has tons of skills but you just need to pick 2-3 elements. I prefer Earth, Water, and Fire. You should keep all your lv 15~lv 25 skills at minumum except for Rock Crash if you're going to pick earth as one of your main elements. Save your skills points up to lv 30 and pick your preferred element. Rooting Does not deal any damage and should be kept at lv 3.
Note: You will be using your Reskill when you change your job at lv 60.



  • ACROBAT - Long range Physical damages dealer specializing in using Yo-yo and Bow.

    Stat Build Before putting any stat, you have to choose which Weapon are you going to use. To make it short, Yo-yo= Str and Bow=Dex.For Yo-yo, you can put all your stat to STR but may need to add some STA (30) and DEX (30-60) later. For Bow Acrobat, pure DEX is the best stat because Dex serves as your damage and defense ( Dex increases Block rate and Evasion rate ) as well.

    Weapon of choice As I have mention earlier, you can choose between Yo-yo and Bow. Both are two-handed range weapons but Yo-yo has shorter range than Bow. Bow requires arrows ( arrow can be purchased from [General] ) to be able to use. On the other hand, Yo-yo requires nothing but your hands. B) Many prefer the bow because of its range advantage and the block and evasion rate you get from putting Dex.

    Skill Build
    Yo-yo user will use the top three rows of the skill tree while the Bow will use the Bottom two. Skills to max for Yo-yo acrobat are: Yo-yo Mastery +40 Yo-yo Damage at max lv. Cross Line 40% (20% for PVP ) chance to Stun the target. This will be your main leveling skill. Counterattack 100% (_ 20% for PVP_ ) chance to stun the target but you must have to be hit first to activate the skill. You can just put it to lv 1. Perfect Block ** +20% melee block. Sweet skill! Bow Acrobat must max this too. **Fast Walker and Dark Illusion are useful skills for both Yo-yo and Bow Acrobat. The rest of Yo-yo skills are next to useless and should be leveled at minimum.
    Skill to max for Bow Acrobat are: Junk Arrow This will be your main Leveling skill but you should not max this immediately if you don't have the money to buy a lot of Refreshers. Bow Mastery +20 Bow Damage. Not much damage compared to Yo-yo Mastery but you have no choice but to use it :p

    Silent Shot
    Not that good because you need to be in Dark Illusion for this to deal higher damage.
    Aimed Shot
    Slow shot and only has 60% chance to deal double damage.
    Auto Shot is a good replacement for Junk Arrow but consumes a lot of MP.
    Arrow Rain
    AOE skill! Great!!!!.....but not that great because it has a 10 seconds cool down and consumes a lot of MP.

  • IGN: Gatotsu

  • Nice guide

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