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Leveling Guide 60-80 with Accurate Items for Ranger

Congratulations! You are now a Ranger. Now, that you've reached your dream job give yourself a time to ponder... Do you want to be an AoE (Area of Effect) Ranger or 1v1 Ranger? That decision will help you to decide where you should place your stats.

Let us first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an AoE Ranger or 1v1 Ranger.

AoE Ranger:

*Faster leveling
*Giant hunting will become a piece of cake
*Can even tank to high level monsters

*Need to have a RM (RingMaster) partner
*Less DEX which means low attack rates
*Uses a lot of foods and pills
*Expensive Gear (Optional: If you want to tank a lot of monster)

1v1 Ranger

*This type doesn't use a lot of foods and pills
*You won't die easily compared to AoE's
*Greater damage than AoE Rangers

*Levels pretty slow
*Your damage is pretty weak compared to Bow Jesters

Many players are still confuse on where they should put their stats to have a greater damage or tank more monsters. So here's the tip on where you should put your stats.

_Build 1: (Solo Type AoE)

Sta: 100-130
Dex: XXX

_Build 2: (Normal Build AoE)

Sta: 40-60
Dex: XXX

Build 3: (1v1 at its finest)

Sta: 15
Dex: XXX

Note: You should have the best gear here in this build so that you can keep up with your hp.

Build 4: (Common 1v1 Build)

Sta: 25
Dex: XXX

Equipments You Need For:

AoE Ranger

Option 1 Equip

*Use the level 59 for Bow User in the NPC gears and G-bow
*Upgrade it all to +3 using a sunstone. You can also awake it if you want.
*Pierce the suit at least 0/2 with a 1pc 4% Volcano Card and 4% Earthquake Card. You can also try 2pcs. of 4% Volcano Card.

Option 2 Equip

*Use Rebron/Restron Set a.k.a. level 60 greens and dont forget the G-Bow
*Upgrade it all to +3. Still you can awake it if you want.
*If your a newbie and still doesn't have a lot of penya then don't try to pierce your suit because it has a high chance that it will break down. If you want to take a risk then pierce it at least 0/1 or 0/2 with a 1pc 4% Volcano Card and 1pc 4% Earthquake Card.

(Note: You must prioritize the Volcano Card. You can also use the 3% Cards)

  You can continue wearing those equips up to level 80 but you can also try the 75 greens (Okas/Oska Set) and change your bow to a Historic Bow or Lusaka Bow with the same process on the gears you've worn during your level 60 stage.

Rebron/Restron Set Effect:

Defence Rate+48
Hit Rate+15%

G-Bow (level 60):
Attack Rate: 233-235
Attack Speed: Fast
2-handed Equipment
Add HP+15%
Critical Rate+20%

Oska/Okas Set Effect:

Defence Rate+50
Hit Rate+15%
Add HP Rate+15%

Historic Bow (level 75)

Attack Rate: 251-253
Attack Speed: Fast
2-Handed Equipment

   And now let's start the real deal. I know your pretty excited to level.

Function Keys:

Bar 1:

F1: Mp Potion
F2: Star Candy
F3: Arrow Rain
F4: Fire Arrow
F5: Ice Arrow
F6: Meat Salad
F7: Red Pills
F8: Broom
F9: Attack (Found in hotkey O)

Bar 2:

F1: Bow Mastery
F2: Perfect Block
F3: Nature
F4-F9: None or you can put things you want.

  So now, here's the pattern on where you start leveling at your current level.

For AoE Rangers:

Level 60-62: Volt (Darkon 1)
Level 62-64: Elderguard (Darkon 1)
Level 64-67: Cranes (Darkon 1)
Level 67-69: Syliaca (Darkon 2)
Level 69-72: Greemong (Darkon 2)
Level 72-75: Carrier Bomb (Darkon 2)
Level 75-77: Hoppre (Darkon 3)
Level 77-80: Mushpoie (Darkon 3)

Note: Don't try to plvl in forsaken tower because monster in their has really a high crit attack. You should not also try to mob monster with a range attack.

For 1v1 Rangers:

Level 60-64: Cranes (Darkon 1) / Small Catsys to Capt. (Forsaken Tower)
Level 64-66: Syliaca (Darkon 1) / Small Harpy ( Forsaken Tower )
Level 66-69: Greemong (Darkon ) / Harpy or Capt. Harpys (Forsaken Tower)
Level 69-74: Carrier Bomb (Darkon 1) / Small Gullahs (Forsaken Tower)
Level 74-77: Hoppre (Darkon 3) / Gullah or Capt. Gullahs (Forsaken Tower)
Level 77-80: Mushpoie or Irens (Darkon 3) / Small Abraxas to Abraxas ( Forsaken Tower)

   As you can see, you can easily say that 1v1 Rangers should plvl with monsters higher with their levels while AoE Rangers should plvl with monsters the same as their level. It is because AoE Rangers mob greater amount of monsters while 1v1 Rangers only fight 1v1 ( as the name says it all).
   And if you're wondering why I posted a guide for rangers that plvl from 60 to 80 it is because level 80 is the best level for farming. Go run in wilds and giant hunting.

That's it! Good luck don't stress yourself if you're not leveling fast just Enjoy the game and Happy Flyffing ^_^

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