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Level Boost RIGHT AFTER your Second Class Change (Red Bang & Legendary Mantis Quests)


The guide is intended to share information on gaining 2 levels up as soon as you change into Second Class. It's a healthy little boost towards Lv65, where most useful skills of almost all Second Classes is unlocked. If you happen to notice some inaccurate or unsatisfactory information in this article, feel free to point it out.

The Red Bang Troupe:

Part I

Available upon reaching Lv30, the first half of this series of quests will revolve around the NPC Luda:

Most of the time you'll be going back and forth from his location and to the one listed below (small area between Nyans and Bangs). Just make space in your inventory during the entirety of this quest. You'll also received here the Entanale Sword, the blue sword for Mercs with a very good attack rate.

At some point, you'll be asked to slay a Lord Bang.
You don't have to complete this right away. Just get back to it when reaching a higher level.

Part II

From Lv60 or above, the final half becomes accessible. It is again initiated with Luda, who asks you to fly towards Darkon:

When you report back about this, he'll make you find their hidden camp in Flaris:

Reaching this area however requires the player to take either of the two flight paths described below.

Going back to Luda will now make you go talk to another NPC at Darkon:

He'll be asking you to slay 35 Red Bang Troupe Leaders. Hunting in the Red Bang areas at Flaris still counts to your target kills.

After reporting your kills, you'll then need to see again the Red Bang camp in Darkon. All you have to do this time is to just fly over the area where another mega-sized Bang can be seen. Quest ends completely as you return to him.

The Legendary Mantis:

Quest is accessible from Lv60 onward, and is initiated with the NPC Rudvihil at Flaris:

You now have to see the NPC Helgar at Saint Morning:

You will be going back and forth from him and to your next targets as the quest progresses.
Just remember to make space in your inventory for the items to be collected:

Once done with the Emeraldmantis part, reporting to Rudvihil will end the entire quest.

Closing Remarks:

Going through the quests above and submitting the Darkon Office Quest for Lv61(Amperes 45x), you can reach Lv62 in no time AND earn a lot of Penya. If you happen to still have the Office Quest of Lv59(Droils 40x) at this point, it would be great as well. And that would be all for this guide.

Thank you for taking the time viewing this post.

Just keep Flyff-ing! ^_^

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